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VXServices, LLC was formed in August 2000 to maintain Vexcel Imaging's successful product line. Headed by former Vexcel Imaging Manufacturing Manager, Burt Loupee, the primary mission of VXServices was to provide support and service to the large number of Vexcel scanners deployed around the world.

A number of key original employees, such as Ronnie Gist are working with VXServices, as well as consultants for software development, Steve Saunders and Rich Rector, and Charlie Kunkel in customer support.

We are happy to report that response has been overwhelmingly positive — from customers, vendors, as well as employees. While we experienced a few initial start-up challenges, scanner owners never saw any interruption in service. Our maintenance and support operations are running smoothly, and we have even begun building new VX4000HT scanners.

The growing demand for new scanners and ongoing maintenance support confirms the strong position the VX4000HT has earned in the high resolution, high accuracy scanning market.

We want to thank all of our clients, vendors and employees for helping us through our launch and swift growth to date. Our early success insures that VXServices will be here to support and expand the VX product line for years to come.

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