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The VX Difference

Today's VX4000 offers the best value in photogrammetric scanning

The VX Difference

Today's VX4000 truly offers the best value in photogrammetric scanners:

• Fast, accurate set-up
• Precise geometric accuracy
• Lowest price for similar resolution and reliability
• Full resolution previews
• Scan only the areas you want
• "See what you scan" interactive setup

VX scanners are built with unique "Invisible Reseau" technology that delivers speed, ease of use and sub-pixel accuracy — all for half the cost of scanners with similar capabilities. Another difference is that all other scanners hide your film in a "photocopier" style bed. The vertical VX scanning bed lets you watch exactly what's happening — a real time-saver.

VX4000HT Specification

The Invisible Reseau

Achieving 1/3 Pixel Accuracy for Less

Every other high-resolution photogrammetric scanner depends on an accurate x-y stage to measure coordinates. Unfortunately, this approach usually requires more frequent calibration and over-built hardware to maintain accuracy — one manufacturer actually mounts their stage on a slab of granite.

VX scanners take a completely different approach. A precise grid is etched behind the scanning bed. Its exact relationship to your film is digitized with each scanned piece of film. It's called an "invisible reseau" because while it provides critical image measurement, the grid itself can be made invisible at any time so none of the image is obstructed.

This clever approach delivers sub-pixel accuracy at a reasonable cost. Inherent VX design properties give you a system that is at once easy and fast to use, reliable and extremely robust.

VX4000HT Image Scanning System