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Vexed by all the Vexcels?

It's no wonder. This quick explanation should help.

  1. Vexcel Imaging Corporation, the original manufacturer of VX3000 and VX4000 scanners, closed its doors in September of 2000.

  2. VXServices, Inc. was formed in August of 2000 by key engineers and management from Vexcel Imaging to provide uninterrupted service to the owners of VX3000 and VX4000 scanners. With ownership of Vexcel Imaging Corporation's technology, VXServices quickly resumed the manufacture of new VX4000 scanners as well as research and development of new software and hardware technology.

  3. Vexcel Imaging, GMBH is an independent company based in Austria. Original ties to the US Vexcel Imaging Corporation ceased in 1996. As a result, this company's hardware and software products were developed independently and represent a completely different scanning platform.

  4. Vexcel Corporation — This is a custom software development company that distributes and services the Ultrascan 5000 for Vexcel Imaging Austria.