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Premium Maintenance Agreement

A premium maintenance agreement guarantees the customer will never incur any additional expenses — including all parts, labor, shipping and travel costs, so your maintenance costs are fixed and predictable. Software upgrades and online access to our full library of "Solution Reports" are included with Premium or Full contract.

Full Maintenance Agreement

A full maintenance agreement covers all parts and labor, but consumers are still liable for round trip parts shipping and any travel expenses if on-site repairs are required. Software upgrades and online access to our full library of "Solution Reports" are included with Premium or Full contract.

Time and Material Support

VXServices also provides hourly support on a "pay as you go" basis. VXServices will always provide an initial 15 minutes of free phone and/or e-mail support to take care of quick questions and simple problems. So please contact us anytime with any questions or problems you may have.

Multiple Unit and Multiple Year Maintenance Agreements

Multiple Units

Identical coverage as the Full or Premium Maintenance Agreement with coverage including:

  • 1 scanner Full Price
  • 2 scanners 40% discount on 2nd unit
  • 3-5 scanners 60% discount on 3rd-5th unit
  • 6 or more scanners — Negotiable

Note full price unit will always be the most expensive maintenance unit, not necessarily the first one purchased. Discounted units will then be a percentage of their respective maintenance amount.

Coverage only applies to multiple scanners at the same customer location. Units owned by one customer at separate locations will not qualify for these discounts.

Multiple Years

Full and Premium Maintenance Contracts, as well as Multiple Unit Agreements will be offered with multiple year discounts if the multiple year option is purchased up front. These will offered as follows:

  • 2-year contract discount 10% per year
  • 3-year contract discount 13% per year
  • 4-year contract discount 18% per year


VXServices offers various training options. Please contact us for further information.

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