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Solution Reports - VX 3000

The folllowing reports are available to any customer who does not have a maintenance contract.

All other reports require a Premium or Full Annual Mantenance Agreement. To begin using these reports, please login using your assigned username and password.

  • Adjustment for Light Shutter and Blown Power Fuse in Older Machines

  • Backlight (Turning Off)

  • Calibration Failure (Backmodel)

  • Calibration File Backing Up or Installing A New File

  • Calibration, Running (falloff)

  • Calibration, Running (geometric)

  • Ethernet Card Configuration

  • False "Disk Full" Message

  • Filter Filesystem
    • Becomes or Appears Full
    • Badres Files

  • Filter Wheels
    • Not Homing Properly
    • Obstructing View

  • Filter Wheel, Occluding Color

  • Filter Wheel, Occluding Density

  • Formatter Error 1035

  • Geometric Error
    • Tile Missing
    • "Bad Reseau Image"

  • Matrox Board, Disabling (SW)

  • Matrox Board, DOS Diagnostics

  • Matrox Board, Live Display

  • Matrox Board, Replacing

  • Matrox Board, Single

  • Matrox Board, Swapping (SW)

  • Monitor, Using B/W Server

  • Network Configuration, VX3000

  • Print Level, Setting

  • "Pull" Mode

  • Reseau Offsets, Adjusting
    • Error "Tile Corner Out of Bounds"

  • Scanner Operation, Basic

  • Scanning, Size Limited

  • Slop Factor Adjustment

  • SW Bug (Current Scanner Settings)

  • VX 3000 Failure (SCO 1.1)

  • VX Diag
    • Manual Scanner Operation
    • VX Scan Failure
    • Scanner to Controller Communications Lost

  • VX Format Error
    • "Formatter can't read or write header file"

  • VX Format Error (TIFF)
    • "Can't read message from formatter"

  • VX Format, Running Stand Along, bsf format only

  • VX Format, Upgrading on the Controller

  • VX Format, Upgrading On a Host

  • VX Scan (Auto-Start @ Login)

  • VX Scan, Can't Start

  • VX Scan Error
    • "Out of Memory"
    • "Bad Reseau Image" (See Geometric Error)

  • VX Scan Fails, 2nd Matrox Board

  • VX Scan, Scanning Steps

  • VX Scan, Starting (from scratch)

  • VX Scan, Stops/Pauses

  • VX Scan/Matrox Board Failure

  • "X" or "Y" Axis
    • Not Homing Properly

  • Appendix A — Figures
    • Figure 1 VX3000 "VXB" Series Controller, Back Panel
    • Figure 2 VX3000 Film Scanner
    • Figure 3 VX3000 "VXB" Series Controller, Inside

Disclaimer: The VX3000 and VX4000HT are complex and sensitive scanning equipment. If you choose to use the Solution Reports and User Manuals to perform maintenance functions, you do so at your own risk. VXServices, LLC is not liable for any repairs performed or damages incurred by anyone other than our authorized service personnel.

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