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Vexcel Imaging VX 4000 HT Image Scanning System

VXServices' Vexcel Imaging Scanning Systems have been recognized worldwide for years as products of choice for professionals in the Softcopy Photogrammetry, Geographical Information System and Intelligence/Reconnaissance application domains. The VX4000HT family adds speed and upgradability to the tradition of accuracy and reliability established by the VX3000 product group. The system's interactive and real-time control over radiometry, resolution and image areas to be scanned — when combined with programmable LUTs and image processing functions — make the VX4000HT the ultimate image capture system.

Image oriented users all over the world have found the VXServices' family of scanning systems to be ideal instruments for enabling applications including othrophoto production, softcopy photogrammetry and image exploitation. The VX4000 family is the most recent addition to the renowned line of VX scanners. The VX4000HT adds speed and increased productivity to a system tried and proven for years in the field. The image format scan area of 254 x 508 millimeters facilitates the scanning of a broad range of film types. System features, when combined with VXServices' programmable Automatic Film Device (AFD) and Auto-Dodging, mark a major breakthrough in scanning productivity and price/performance.



• Spatial: Variable from 7.5um to 120um (3400 to 210 dpi)

• Spectral:

• Monochrome 8-bit (256 gray levels)
• Color 24-bit

• Mechanical:

• Active Scanning Area: 10" x 20" (254mm x 508mm)
• Maximum Instantaneous Field of View: 3.15" x 3.15" (120mm x 120mm)

Software Calibration:

• Autosizing

• Autofocus

• Autopositioning

• Autocalibration for gray balance

Physical & Environmental:

• Dimensions: 29.5" W x 23"H x 33"D (750mm x 585mm x 830mm)

• Weight: 169 lbs. (77 kg)

• Power Requirements: Configurable 960 Volt Amps Maximum

• Desktop configuration for standard office environment

Speed (scan times for complete formatted 23cm x 23cm image)



• 25 microns

3 min.

6 min.

• 12.5 microns

12 min.

25 min.

Computer & Interface:

Dual Pentium Xeon Workstation

Windows™ 2000 OS

2.0 GHz CPUs (or better)

SCSI Ultra320 Hard Drive

1 GB Rambus Memory (or better)

Network: Gigabit Ethernet


• Light Source: Cold cathode, variable intensity (SW controlled)

• Optical System: 16 to 1 magnification range, 2-axis zoom

• Camera: 1024 x 1024 CCD

Radiometric Uniformity:

• 2 gray values RMS

Geometric Accuracy:

• 1/3 pixel RMS (ie. 2.5um RMS at 7.5um resolution)

Disclaimer: Specifications subject to change without notice. © Vexcel Imaging Corporation. The VX4000HT family and the VX4000HT are trademarks of the Vexcel Imaging Corporation. Windows 2000 is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

Precise geometric accuracy
Broad range of resolution
High radiometric uniformity
Programmable region of interest scanning

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